Simon Sinek on "Why good leaders make you feel safe"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

Simon Sinek is a renowned speaker, author and expert on leadership. I often refer to his ideas when working with performers. In this video he shares key insights on how real leaders create an optimal environment for people to flourish. Human beings thrive under conditions of care and genuine support. A mentor of mine is fond of saying "nobody cares what you know until they know that you care". Similarly, when we feel that sense of care from those who lead us we will walk through fire for them, for our team, and for those we serve. Our primary goal as leaders should be to serve and support. The best leaders I have been around embody this ideal. They understand that leadership is about mobilizing and inspiring people to act, strive, give, share. That if we make it safe for them to be human they will be more willing to take on new challenges. This by extension accelerates the outcomes leaders want to develop most such as learning, communication, skill development, and confidence. Mental toughness and resilience are most readily developed through preparation and support. I have heard many stories from medical professionals however on how their mentors engaged in fear based training and authoritarian type leadership. As Simon suggests, leadership is a choice not a status or position. Authority and leadership are not synonymous. Those who inspire people to achieve create sustainable cultures of excellence and leaders of us all. Those who dictate to others what to do and how to be create a culture of fear and apathy where people become pre-occupied by not screwing up, and meeting minimum standards of performance. The fear of reprisal stifles their motivation to step up and into next level challenges.

Simon’s books are titled:

Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last

Both are excellent reads that I highly recommend.


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