Shawn Achor: The happiness advantage

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

One of my favorite TED talks. Psychologist Shawn Achor is a brilliant speaker, author, and leading expert on the science of happiness. In this clip he shares how to create sustainable happiness based on the principles of positive psychology. Moreover, in a very colorful way he debunks the idea that external rewards contribute much towards authentic happiness. Further, that by developing a perspective on happiness and success that is more internally referential, we can experience each more readily AND reach higher levels of productivity, creativity, and performance. An important survival skill in a field like medicine wherein success is predominantly gauged by outcome measures which at times can be completely beyond one's control. I often refer to Shawn's work to illustrate how important one's self-dialogue can be. As he suggests, the lens through which we see our self, a moment, this world etc., ultimately dictates how we experience those things. The key then is to imprint thoughts in our mind that align with how we need and want to feel in a moment. The sub-conscious receives all of our inner dialogue as a request--whether it's laced with positive or negative affect. We can therefore summon the response we want to have by guiding our thoughts more effectively. Through the exercise of self-suggestion and rehearsal, we can create an expectation in the sub-conscious mind to trigger a more optimal response pattern to a given situation. 

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