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I was first sensitized to this powerful video by an Emergency Medicine physician several years ago. It has become a central resource in the work I do coaching physicians about human performance. Drawing on lessons from the field of aviation and inspired by the tragic loss of his wife due to complications from a failed surgical procedure, pilot Martin Bromiley shares with us the importance of human factors in the training and performance of physicians. In this video you will hear how medical knowledge, skill and experience, while vital are not always adequate in and of themself to immunize against human factors that can impair performance. Through a re-creation of events surrounding his wife's surgery we see how issues of lost perception and situational awareness, a lack of clear leadership roles, poor communication, and fixation can impair performance and lead to significant medical error.

Martin has become a leading advocate in the area of human factors in healthcare. He is the founder and chair of the Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG). CHFG is committed towards reducing medical error and improving quality of care through human factors training and research. 

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