"You can't pour from an empty cup": Strength and conditioning strategies for physicians

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup” says noted strength and conditioning expert, Gavin McHale. He’s absolutely right about that. For many physicians, the demands of their work leave them in a time and energy deficit state. Not ideal for health, happiness, or performance. Gavin works with many physicians helping them start, and maintain a personalized fitness program in spite of all the demands. He offers keen insight on how to create the right internal drive to stay connected and consistent. In addition, he provides guidance and instruction on implementing “quickie” workouts to your day that can be beneficial for mood, energy, and overall health. As well, check out the free resources Gavin has made available on his website. They are a great way to start.


Gavin McHale contact info


Website: http://www.mchalestrength.com

Facebook: Gavin McHale

Instagram: gavinmchale1


2:38   On anchoring the motivation to train in spite of demanding schedules

5:15   Observations he has made on why people stay committed

7:49   Application to managing stress and optimizing your state

12:58 Cueing off your internal state to determine the right exertion level for the training session: Stimulate vs annihilate

22:23 Getting “switched on” to maximize focus in your workout

27:27 “Quickie” workouts when time is extra tight

32:07 Accessing Gavin’s free resource


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