Dr. Cal Botterill: Sustainable high-performance for physicians (part 2)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

In this two-part podcast noted performance coach Cal Botterill, Phd., shares his insight on sustainable high performance for medical professionals. Topics include:

  • His observations on what the top medical performers he has been around do to achieve sustainable high performance

  • The role of recovery on performance

  • How creating and maintaining an optimal perspective can enhance performance and wellbeing

  • How emotional preparation and processing strategies contribute towards sustainable energy, focus and performance

Cal Botterill, PhD., is a performance coach and consultant with over 40 years experience helping people optimize their human potential. Cal has collaborated with elite performers from diverse areas such as amateur & professional sport, business, performing arts, and medicine. He has been delivering performance enhancement courses to resident and attending physicians for over 8 years. His experiences working with physicians and other top performers throughout his career are chronicled in his latest book: Sustainable High-Performance. This book is available online at McNally Robinson Booksellers.


Cal can be reached at calbotterill@gmail.com


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