A conversation with Dr. David Hindle: Lessons on high-performance from Emergency Medicine, and pre-hospital flight teams

Sunday, May 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Dr. David Hindle, Emergency Medicine, and pre-hospital flight team physician, shares lessons on sustainable performance


01:40 Where David’s curiosity about peak performance and human factors in medicine stems from

  • A life of competitive sport
  • An appreciation for mental preparation as a means to improve athletic performance
  • Why these ideas are of value to medical performers

05:11 Thoughts on why these concepts have not received more attention in the training of medical professionals

  • Implications for health, safety, and performance
  • Changing perceptions in medicine

11:26 How the pre-hospital flight world embeds mental prep into the training culture

  • Comparisons and contrasts to mental prep in Emergency Medicine
  • The complexities of sustaining high performance in EM

15:17 Briefing and debriefing in dynamic medical settings

  • How valuable it can be to orient focus, communicate a shared mental model, and facilitate initial processing after an event
  • Lessons from an elite fighter pilot
  • The “micro brief and debrief”
  • Briefing within interdisciplinary teams
  • Conducting a “mid-crisis review” brief
  • Maintaining situational awareness in stressful situations
  • Creating a psychologically safe space for team members to share openly

27:58 How basic efforts to build relationships with team members can enhance sharing and safety

  • Working with, and working for one another
  • Building trust and nurturing “team”

32:16 Giving real-time feedback to team members and learners

  • The need for more positive feedback
  • From M&M to A&A rounds
  • Excellence recognition

40:45 Getting ready to perform

  • Preparing in advance: The commute to work and setting the right mindset
  • Being aware of the “de-railers and de-stabilizers”
  • Visualization and rehearsal
  • Recalibrating focus and awareness during a shift
  • Being decisive
  • Lowering physiological arousal and cueing focus with a key word or phrase
  • Steering the inner voice under pressure
  • Shrinking big moments down to scale

58:45 Stress inoculation

  • Enhancing simulation training



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