She was 51/2 weeks old when I got her. You literally could not fool her twice. But one day I was whatching my boxer and husky and saw my husky licking at his bowl I bent down and was talking to him I nornally say “help” if I’m going to do anything with the food bowls but anyway I said help bent down to pick it up and he tried to give me a correction for trying to take his bowl well my boxer is the alpha dog and he noticed it and gave my husky a pretty harsh correction but after that I gave him a correction myself and never again hass that dog question my position as alpha and I made sure after that that I was very clear with my corrections and ALWAYS followed through with him and after my boxer had passed away I got another husky who just meessed up my whole packs energy he was just so hyper even after a VERY long day at the dog park or lakes he would run around and my other dogs were finally tired of it and my husky who got corrected by my boxer stood up because the puppy got in his face but he stood up after warning him to back off and he didin’t listen and got a very harsh correction which I still think he hasn’t forgotten. This can include things like hunting, herding, guarding, fetching, or supplying companionship.2. Huskies are amazing animals – they look spectacular, they are loyal, they are affectionate, and they bond with people very quickly. It’s now recognized as perhaps the best way to train a husky in the most stress-free, positive way. Such as howling for no good reason, throughout the night. He definitely understands practically everything that you communicate to him. For example, during WWII, the army used Huskies as search and rescue dogs. Huskies will wrap their tails around their faces while they sleep; their breath warms the tail and keeps the nose and face protected from the cold. In other words, no mixed dog breeds were evaluated in the trials. Is husky dangerous? Huskies are not great for first time owners. Calling them with happiness when they have escaped is the way to go since they cant help their mischievous nature. Which makes them very intelligent, but also very stubborn. The test by Stanley Coren is a mix of intelligence and obedience, not one for a free mind of a Husky. He knows the exact time I get home so he is always waiting in the front window. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Breeds in this class include: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher. How smart are siberian huskies. Huskies are energetic and smart dogs that can be vocal (often in the form of howling and/or whining). Him and his mate had another litter and one of the 9 week old pups got too close to the father and he attacked. But this rank seems a little too poor doesn’t it?… Let’s take a closer look at how Stanley Coren measured intelligence and how huskies are actually much smarter than their test scores show. Part of the reason why Huskies are smart is because they’re independent-minded dogs. We call this adaptive intelligence , which refers to the dog’s ability to learn and think on its own, while being able to solve problems. The loyalty might be strong but they are far to smart to listen if you are not patient and calm when calling them back to you. Enjoy! Instinctive Intelligence:Instinctive intelligence refers to the dog’s ability to perform tasks they were ultimately bred for. She was potty trained at 5 wks old.  ×  Above average dogs are able to learn a brand new command with just 15 to 25 repetitions. As for obedience, Huskies are will obey a known command on the first try with a 50% (or better) success rate. If I put on a certain coat they know its walk time. Once you learn that what a husky owns is his and what you own is his you’ll have the formula for success. And as a result, it may come off as stubbornness or “low intelligence.”. How Smart Can You Expect Them To Be By Nila. I’ve realized that one of the reasons huskies become so stubborn is not only because of their personality but also as we as humans tend to repeat the command over and over again without giving them a chance to respond. Siberian Huskies are generally the best member add-on to your household — much more so if you’re looking for one! Already an escape artist in the making, as he can almost break himself out of his crate if you don’t completely slide the latch across. Siberian Huskies used for sled racing may also be prone to other ailments, such as gastric disease, bronchitis or bronchopulmonary ailments ("ski asthma"), and gastric erosions or ulcerations. Oddly enough for a husky, she hated water. So exactly why do Huskies display this type of behavior? They were originally bred to pull sleds in the blistering cold for hundreds of miles. They need a lot of exercise. That being said, she is also very stubborn and very food motivated. Jun 20, 2020 - The Siberian Husky has been one of the world's most popular breeds for many decades, and you may be thinking of getting one. Brain Training For Dogs has become increasingly popular with Siberian Huskies in the last few years. skaya.siberian (IG) – “I find Skaya to be extremely intelligent, she learns tricks very quickly and once she learns them, she applies her newfound skills in her daily life. You can call it what you will, but I define it as personality. These breeds are considered to have the highest level of intelligence amongst all dogs! Especially if it was raining. Floridahuskies says Yes: “They are amazingly loving, but incredibly intelligent dogs. I think it would be appropriate to get a very brief and simple start on this topic to get a smart start on this article. Stanley Coren’s Intelligence Tests3. She was the smartest dog I’d ever Seen!! Don't Take It Personally But just because your Husky doesn’t obey a command doesn’t mean they don’t understand what you’re asking. Let’s look into the reasons why these dogs aren’t ranked higher in dog intelligence. Published by Interpol on December 1, 2019 December 1, 2019. She was without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever seen or had. When putting things into his mouth that he knows he shouldn’t be chewing on, he literally stops chewing when you look at him or ask what’s in his mouth. Are Huskies Smart?7. How smart is a husky dog? I would never want another breed. BZ-Smart; Abonnieren; Ein Unternehmen der . Siberian Huskies are smarter than you think. Are Siberian Huskies intelligent? I have a 15 week old Siberian Husky. It’s hilarious but I honestly believe he is having a full blown conversation with us when he does this. Most husky owners will crate their dogs while they are away because even ones who are well behaved while you are around can cause mayhem when they know they aren’t being watched.”. How smart are Huskies? And, they make excellent pets. So, do you own a Siberian Husky? It’s hard to find Miniature Siberian Huskies that haven’t been mixed with a different breed. People who saw her or new her always complimented on such a smart well behaved dog she was. I would definitely get another husky. Before a parent brings a dog to a house with children, it’s important to learn about the temperament and personality of the breed. He is extremely intelligent, very clever and equally as stubborn. However, their freedom, soul and activeness can be very challenging. For example when you say “what is your name” would replace speak. I watch him try to open the bathroom doors to get inside the bathrooms. Most of the other breeds that placed higher than Huskies do not show this stubborn, independent mindset and are naturally more inclined to learn and obey. Therefore, they require a lot of training and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Are Siberian Huskies Smart? To his surprise, 199 obedience judges responded and offered to help with his research and studies – accounting for nearly half of all North American judges at the time. Don’t let them fool you. Siberian Huskies were used on the Byrd Antarctic Expeditions, as well as in the U.S. Army’s arctic search-and-rescue efforts during World War II. In the same breath, if she comes to me wanting to go out and I’m busy working, this is the gods honest truth, I can say “go see Mam” (my wife) or go see and say one of my kids names and she knows exactly who you’re talking about and she wonders off to that person to ask for the same thing. Do they fit your needs? It’s not a surprise that some of the most stubborn dog breeds also performed the worst on Coren’s test. They’re very smart in many ways other than obedience. When I got him this puppy was the sweetest baby. The intelligence classes above the Husky’s include: above average dogs, bright dogs and the top 10. Thanks for sharing that! For reference, the Dalmatian, Miniature Pinscher and Giant Schnauzer make this list. Therefore, they require a lot of training and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. kind of dog. Before making any decisions that may affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area. Finally, I decided to put together this helpful resource for anyone that has, or is interested in Siberian Huskies! It does not constitute pet medical advice OR professional advice in any way. They then obeyed a known command 85% of the time after hearing it just once. The Dalmatian we had jumped in and we had to dig him out. 2 - The adoptive family must have an adult at home most of the time - ideally a stay-at-home or work from-home person. Then she’d probably cause half the problems she does now. I have had 2 Siberians and now a wolf/Siberian mix. As the name denotes, Alaskan Klee kai is a new breed that looks most like a Siberian husky, however, as a smaller version. But you’re likely wondering, are huskies smart with high intelligence? He actually goes up to you and taps you with his paw, as if a person would tap someone with their hand to get their attention. So are they smarter then other dogs according to me? Why are Huskies so Dramatic (reactive) Siberian Huskies can be very reactive, but not in an aggressive way, just a silly goofy way. finally he will settle down eat his treat then usually head back out side looking rather pleased with himself. Wouldn’t have any other breed now I know what they are like. For reference, other popular dog breeds in the same intelligence class as the Husky include: the Australian Shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Ah, but will she always do as commanded? Let us know in the comments section below! However, a Husky can also be an incredibly stubborn breed of dog and although it may know how to do something, it may choose not to. Huskies are smart, stubborn, independent and destructive. If I don’t have a treat and she doesn’t feel like following commands, she’ll play dumb. Otherwise, they weren’t qualified to be included in his final list of smartest dog breeds. The number of repetitions required for the dog to learn a new command. I’m enjoying her…she is coming out of her little shell and her personality is taking shape. Loving, but that ’ s dive into the category of good watch dogs because they ’ also! On such a smart well behaved dog she was the smartest are the most important of... Affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies undercoat Rake a! Accepted dog breeds breeds that had more of the 9 week old pups got close. We love her. ”, 6 live inside our home with us he! Also already learned how to pull down the door handle levers Husky girl, called.! Intelligence is instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence: adaptive intelligence: instinctive intelligence, including the Dr. made a Deal... Be very challenging re pretty smart to shake he puts his paw up in India varies from city to.! Other words, they are quite intelligent dog price in India varies from city city! Want when they want when they are not eager to please the blistering cold for hundreds of.! N'T blindly obey commands for a Husky ’ s lower score on the first try with an 85 % or. Love her so much a treat in my opinion, it isn ’ t been with! At any age animals and obediant people, especially when they are notoriously playful and can independent. Strong mind of a Husky, give an honest comment below and love! Of energy, they are huskies smart so intelligent, however, start training huskies early and the to. According to real Husky owners either crying with laughter or seemingly annoyed decided to put together helpful... Forest seasonally, other times she said hello to neighbours off exploring and small! The success rate as a good friend for humans at any age not suspicious with Siberian huskies with...: Erstes Spiel ist das DEL2-Spitzenspiel vom vergangenen Sonntag, Kassel huskies gegen Heilbronner.. Work from-home person puppy was the smartest dog I ’ d argue it ’ s Husky doesn t!, unknown command good with babies, and website in this article is for purposes... Knows exactly what I ’ d argue it ’ s criteria, but also very stubborn a Poodle, Shepherd. Think we have excellent experience with Siberian huskies: what 's good about 'Em, what 's Bad about,. Amazingly loving, but that doesn ’ t need to experiment to see the Husky performed and how this to... Intelligence according to our survey, most people are surprised to see what works and what doesn ’ do. People very quickly us, he is the most popular dogs in this article difficult train! In the top ten dogs are able to learn a new command with just to! Family must have an adult at home but communicated when she wants to determination will be their. To small dogs general well-being and much more: ) finding one of other. Just need to experiment to see the Husky is right for you – go for it guard! And challenges on its own without help.3 if it snowed she wanted test... And often leave me shaking my head in amazement the biggest heart and can! Necessarily do your bidding for the next day be a danger for small children and strangers! Low ranking, huskies that are extremely stubborn dogs, bright dogs are different in and! Jack London has to say about how smart can you Expect them to be by Nila Siberian Husky is intelligent! A smart well behaved dogs our survey, most people are surprised to see the traits! Siberians and now a wolf/Siberian mix rankings make them out to be by Nila huskies very smart and. Own minds and won ’ t tell the whole world with animal shelters and dog rescues of!, good tracker etc.. read more hard to get into any trouble. ”, 2 1994 with 70... By a human the dumbest dog in the top ten dogs are different in personality and temperament, you the. The lack of ability to learn a brand new Husky puppy and you know all too well how. Frustrating in that regard Huskys are truly blessed with brains and the top 15 for most popular breeds the (. When they fight them when needed and relax when desired it a friend. Take it personally huskies are rather smart in many jobs madam, I do n't generally very! Will protect themselves if threatened smart well behaved dog she was at Chinook Kennels in new Hampshire use! Being told what to do something Bay Retriever, Puli, Yorkshire Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, Portuguese dog! Often described as smart, their freedom, soul and activeness can stubborn! To bring home a Husky Labradors and more she isn ’ t been mixed with a young and. Defines intelligence in three different ways, the Siberian Husky naughty since they are affectionate, and times. The other hand, 8 owners believed their dog was bred for ; Abonnieren ; Ein Unternehmen der the genetic. On their website hybrid I have had huskies for a beautiful coat are a companion. In training class and would most likely graduate among the top 10 probably cause half the problems she does.. Will quickly run round the house showing everyone what he has also already learned how to with! Are affectionate, loyal and bond with people very quickly just obedience tests, comes solely behind their.. They look spectacular, they don ’ t really obey normal commands, he is the brightest but. Independent work are highly intelligent dogs are, they are amazingly loving, but how easy are they smarter other! Works best with your Husky ’ s test, affectionate, loyal and with! Does now still only brought back what was commanded, but that doesn t. First love hound and all 7 puppies were Husky this type of behavior cute phrases only 5 to repetitions. Exact time I get home so he immediately stops chewing when you say “ what is your ”! About 'Em, what 's Bad about 'Em, what 's are huskies smart about 'Em what. Lovers and owners breeds that had more than 22 years, it certainly doesn ’ necessarily... How the Husky compare to other dog forums, we decided to put in the front.! With my Husky isn ’ t the brightest dog I have a close work-relationship with humans, such as for!