There was no reason for them to do this as I had simply walked out the door of my house and they climbed a wooden fence from across the street to attack me. This is because they are loving, playful, loyal, and protective to their very cores. We have taught him to be gentle with her and our cat which is important with all animals. Obviously this is really bad in cases of dogs being trained to attack or fight. To me, no breed is greater than a boxer. :). These dogs do not exist. Nanny Dogs. Never once did I or any one of my other friends who spent time around Simpson ever feel unsafe around this dog. Pit bulls are not ranked as number 2 on the list of most tolerant dogs. This can be done with ANY breed however. As friendly as any dog is, young children can often be unaware of how their actions can affect the dog. It was a well-trained dog which likely meant to simply pick up the baby to carry it to their parents[1]. Myth: Pitbull-type dogs have the strongest bite and a "locking jaw". As far as my research on this subject I can say this is a bit overstatement. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on April 25, 2013: Hello Raine! Ok to the guy who is in martial arts and was attacked by two pitbulls...I'm so sorry for you!! We were at a fleamarket one Saturday and a guy was selling pit puppies. I'm so sorry your dad got rid of Red. It is a term used to describe various breeds, most commonly the APBT. Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on January 03, 2013: Your welcome. They are dangerous animals, (considered lethal weapons in some places), and should be eradicated from our society, or left only in the hands of licensed professionals. Get your facts together 'jd', and perform the due diligence before making statements of pure conjecture without being able to support them with substantiated truth. Pit bulls are trained to be aggressive by using other people’s pets as bait. 2. My room mate eventually had to get rid of him. Hollywood is also responsible...Cocker Spaniel temperaments declined after Lady and the Tramp, Dalmation temperaments declined after 101 Dalmations, Collie temperaments declined after Lassie, etc. It is always appreciated. We have three children and Lady (our Pitbull) has never been aggressive or temperamental towards them or anyone. American Pit Bull Terriers are affectionate, cheerful and family-oriented dogs, although they are often sociable with strangers. I have also been chased my two German shepherds that were like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, teeth gnarling and slobbering as they chased my back into my house. The "Nanny Dog" term was given to them years ago, before man came along and trained them specifically for attack dogs. One of my room mates used to have a pit named Buck. It’s humans who abuse animals. Staffies and English Bulls are both such good dog, and they are so cute. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 15, 2012: Hi Dasha! Unless someone's comment is hateful or nasty, I will approve it. It's really a shame. (They made great pets, too!). However, this can happen with any dog, regardless of breed. bigger ones in particular, bring out the beast in him. There are so many pit bulls still out there that need help. It makes you wonder if more aggressive traits are being passed down in breeding the aggressive dogs. This is why viscous dog laws should focus on several points, none of which are Breed. That's genes. I do an awful lot of crossing the street to avoid other dogs. ), understand that not all dogs like other dogs (and that goes for any breed) so they're not abnormal if they don't want "doggie friends," be a responsible owner...make sure your dog is properly contained - and leashed if it's out and about with you, put your dog through a canine good citizen training course, keep your dog under control (if you can't, don't ignore it, seek help), don't let your dog roam, neuter and spay your dogs, if you have a dog that's aggressive with you or strangers (ANY the help of a professional and keep that dog away from people), if you have a dog that's a problem with aggression with other dogs - keep it away from other dogs, muzzle it when you're out with it and see if a trainer can help (with some dogs it's so ingrained in their breeding it can only be managed) and realize, if you have a dog that doesn't have it's wires crossed right (is badly bred) it may not be able to be rehabilitated (and as I said, this goes for ANY breed, or mix for that matter) and you must do the responsible thing. That dog was the easiest dog to own I ever seen. This doesn't mean that Pit Bulls are not great with kids. But I realized I was jaded and misinformed. . They will protect you, especially when they are trained to "guard". The Pit Bulls Nanny Dogs That Never Were (Debunking the Myth) I think all breeds of dogs are here for us humans to have companions or pets or both. This is in a large part due to their muscular frame and strong bite. They are a "bad a**" looking dog, so it seems the "bad a**es of the world want to try them to be just that. I also wrote a hub on Pit Bull Heroes, you might enjoy it! So before you judge a dog by its looks or breed, maybe you should judge its owner instead! Have a wonderful day! She is a love dog!! This Pitbull bashing will soon go away just like it did with rottweilers and it will be a happier day. Any dog, purebred or mixed, can be trained to be aggressive. After all, it's irresponsible and abusive owners that give the breed bad names. (The answer is no!). Dogs and young children, regardless of breed and age need to be supervised. LOL Thank you for stopping in and commenting. (My ex-husband now houses her.) It was after they came to the US that they were referred to as the Pit Bull and are only recognized by the AKC as the American Staffordshire Terrier. The methods by which some people are training their pitties are deplorable! Pit bulls have a disproportionately high rate of attacks compared to other dogs. They protect the children as if they were blood related, just as a nanny would do for their charge. It is so sad anytime an animal is mistreated by humans. I found that fact very interesting. However, this is a reactionary misconception which goes against the findings of the RSPCA, ASPCA and the AVMA. They really are a wonderful dog breed. She could jump a 5 foot fence too it was pretty impressive. They were known to be faithful, loving, and loyal, especially when it came to children. I used to be an owner several years back. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! My cousin thought that too until hers bit me in the face and nearly took my eye out. But he could not be around any other dogs. He was terrified of bicycles, skateboards, and trailers. I have amazing boy snoop who is 5 when my little girl is 1. Pro-pit bull groups argue that the 20-year fatal dog attack study (from 1979 to 1998) issued by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September 2000 is inaccurate because the study relied "in part" on newspaper articles. Pit bulls were NEVER used as “nanny dogs.” There’s no evidence to support this claim, and it’s a myth that’s been repeated numerous times. These are usually the type of people that own the pit bulls that are trained to be aggressive. Having owned and loved an half pit Bull mix who loved people and especially children I do feel the breed has a bad rap because of the reasons stated. I agree that the pit bull has been a reputation it doesn't deserve. We adopted a beautiful 3 month old white spotted pitbull female fdom the shelter a month before we found out I was pregnant with our son. As stated above, Pit Bulls are abused regularly, potentially more than most other breeds. Lawmakers seem very reluctant to pass laws based on this, despite how much it influences dog behavior. A more loyal, easily trained dog we never had - until he bit our neighbor who had come to feed him while we were away. He was very loving too. With Pit Bulls, their strength and powerful jaw mean that even playing can be accidentally harmful. In fact, according to the United Kennel Club, American Pit Bull Terriers are consider poor guard dogs thanks to their relative friendliness towards strangers[4]. The 40lb mixed mutt rules him with an iron paw. I really started doing some research about the pitt bull dog and really learned a lot. He LOVED playing with children; he was never once aggressive, and it was sad to see people not want to even get near him because of their misconceptions. It's how they are raised that forms their personalities, not their breed. . Angel, Lady and Red. Animal control also came to check on the health of the dog because of the police report and of course the dog bit the stranger. You should not leave a young child with any dog unsupervised. Ya know Pit Bulls are #2 in tolerance testing, #1 is the golden retriever. Simply put, such dogs cannot safely be kept in an urban or suburban environment. You are right, the rottweiler, German shepherd, and the doberman pinchers at one time or another were all labeled as overly aggressive dogs. She is coal black with a small white spot on her chest. Four years, and a lot of time and effort later, he walks by my side, response to commands, and is still by far the most affectionate dog I've ever had. One of the most tolerant, patient, and gentle dogs is now being portrayed as the most dangerous. First of all, take ur meds, dear! Thank you for your wonderful comment! And no, pit bulls were not originally bred to only fight...they had MANY uses. The pit bulls ALL THE WAY deserve the light. This is why AnimalWised investigates whether Pit Bull Terriers as nanny dogs and what this means for the breed's reputation. I would love to see these horrible owners get the same fate as they have imposed on their poor dogs. Unfortunately we will still never be able to live in a rented place with one. During the 19th century, people considered Pit Bulls to be the best breed for babysitting children. They may have been poorly socialized which can lead to problems if they are not used to children. :). Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 02, 2012: Hello mythbuster! Any dog can become vicious if mistreated. You are your pits, have a great day! I'm sure there are dangerous pit bulls out there, but only because they have been bred and trained to be that way. Their jaws do not lock, and the dog with the most powerful bite is actually the Rottweiler. But they are true and loyal to the master. He is very protective of his family but is sweet to kind strangers. This is because Pit Bulls were popular pets, even becoming the official pet of Hal Roach's The Little Rascals in the form of Pete the Pup during the 1930s[3]. Have a wonderful day! However, genes are the explanation why some people die by the jaws of their own pit bull pets, even thou the pets were created only with love. Have a prosperous 2013! I raised mine since a puppy and the only trouble I had with her is something another dog caused. To find out how pit bulls developed such a bad rep, we'll take a look at the following: Finally, I will use my personal experience of owning a pit bull to demonstrate why these dogs are still the best! Blake Flannery from United States on April 01, 2013: I love your last line. :). They were even considered the most beloved dog breeds in England and the United States. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on February 11, 2013: Hello Kathleen! :). I love this, all of it is true, and if you hit the vote that pitties are naturally mean you need to give them a chance. Maybe they can teach us something about the way abuse and trauma can damage anyone. Because of their bad reputation, at least 2,800 pit bulls are put to death every day—by far the highest of any specific breed. Pitbulls; The Nanny Dog. If you had one and him/her was mean, sorry, but that means you didn't treat her/him right, or your a bad owner. There are tests online you can take to prove just this fact. She is very protective and tolerant too. There are so many great pit bulls out there. I love the English Bull Dog puppies, OMGosh, there is nothing cuter! Dog aggressive does not equal human aggressive however. Rottweilers rank a distant number 2 on the list of dogs most involved in attacks. Meaning that he pulled. They were known to be faithful, loving, and loyal, especially when it came to children. See more ideas about Pitbulls, Dogs, Animals. It made me so weary of being around mine for awhile but I got over it and she died due to cancer when she was 10, and I miss her so much. Do you really believe that people have been mauled to death because a dog wasn't neutered? That is probably how most serial killers evolved. 3. I'm glad found my hub informative and interesting. They are also probably the most fun and goofy dogs. of the white dog), below where it says "American Pit Bull Terrier," is not an APBT, it's an American Bully? You don't have to train it to do so. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 07, 2012: Hello mvillecat! Because of the two incidents the county put the dog down. I agree totally.. These dogs were probably giving cues the owners didn't know how to recognize and due to that it went from subtle cues to an outright attack. from that pit bulls were not nanny dogs. Eiddwen from Wales on September 06, 2012: Oh what a wonderful story ;we have had a Staffie and English Bulls in the family and they were both amazing dogs. Pure breed Miniature schnauzers will be very alert and energetic, even thou nobody trained them to be so. I agree, as long as they are treated right, they are great pets. They sound like a real interesting breed of dog. :). Everyone has their own opinion and I value them all. When you beat and starve a dog before throwing it a "snack," what do you think it is going to do? "jd" is an ignorant, uninformed individual. I think this will too pass, but it is going to take much time. Thanks for stopping in! 13 comments. Stereotyped breeds also make headlines...same thing, money to be made. The point is that science and studies shows us that education and discipline plays an important role, but genetics plays a big one as well. She loves people and I never worry about her being around my grandchildren. I really believe that dogs understand and appreciate the fact that they have been rescued. Maybe they are here to teach us something important about being more accepting. They had unbelievable ferociousness, like Sci-Fi creatures coming for you. Catherine Dean from Milledgeville, Georgia on September 06, 2012: I too am a pitty owner and we love him so very much. :). She told the story that Pit Bulls were kept as nanny dogs, but has been accused by anti-Pit Bull propagandists of fabricating this story to improve their public image. There are four breeds that fall under the "pit bull" umbrella: The most common breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Demonizing Pit Bulls and using breed-specific legislation is not going to do this. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the second calmest dog after the Golden Retriever[5]. Have a great day! Pit Bull is a blanket term for dogs that share the same characteristics The only dog that should be referred to as a Pit is the American Pit Bull Terrier Once people like you understand that it will be easier for Bully Breed owners like myself. I have met the good, bad and ugly of quite a few breeds and truly believe that most issues dogs have, come from their environment and the people that raise them. Luckily, I had not walked very far from the door and was able to get back inside quickly. I have suffered a couple of bites and neither were from Pits; one was a Chihuahua and the other a Golden Retriever. Perhaps the belief in the origin of the term in the 19th Century is due to the many pictures of children with their pet Pit Bull (as can be seen above). He is a true nanny dog so soft with her shes always laughing with him. I will check out the link. It would be nice if you learned that Pit Bull is not a breed, that's where a lot of the backlash comes in. As far as them being deemed vicious with people, they're not naturally so. Pit bull dogs can be wonderful, loveable animals as long as they are treated right. It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society that pit bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population. It does no good to deny the issues. So we had him on antibiotics and painkillers for months, and couldn' teach him how to walk with a collar -- instead we had to use a chest harness. Size of the dog: Large strong dogs do more harm when they bite. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on January 07, 2014: This is really an interesting hub and the comments are almost as interesting. Get a dog from a reputable source (if you rescue a dog, try to rescue from an organization that does temperament testing or offer to foster the dog and have it temperament tested before adopting...train yourself as well and this will help a lot too), train your dogs properly, never leave ANY breed alone with a young child (even small dogs have maimed and killed children! People need to do their due diligence before adopting or purchasing a dog to make sure they choose the right pet for them. The aim of the campaign was to garner enough public support by spreading a rumor that … It isn't recognized by kennel clubs or governments as a dog type group, unlike the sporting dog or working dog groups which are recognized by the American Kennel Club[2]. Have a wonderful day! It's so sad that the criminal element has corrupted these poor dogs' reputations. Several notable people owned, and sang the praises of, pitties-including Helen Keller, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 24, 2013: Hello elderadvisor! :). For their sake I hope they're right. Sometimes "rescued" dogs are the best! A cross between terriers and bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers were first brought to the United States in the late 1800s from Staffordshire, England. Thank you for your great comment and opinion. Anytime you have a animal that is not used to children, you should take extra precaution. It is greatly appreciated! Criminals should be judged--I agree--and not the dog, which is mistreated to begin with. mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on September 02, 2012: Great information here! It has been said that the pit bulls' jaws locks and that they have the most powerful bite among dog breeds. Kim, you might want to do some research on the history of dogs in the Victorian era. I was quite amazed at his temperament. Personally, both as a dog owner and working in the veterinary field, I don’t believe there’s such thing as a nanny dog View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the pitbulls community 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Click to attach a photo related to your comment, I’m from Sacramento and my mom told me a story about how I once snuck out of the house when I was 3 and took off around the block, she said that there was a stray mom pitbull that no one could catch but always hung out in the neighborhood And that she was frantically hovering over me when they were looking for me and the neighbors watched her protect me and wouldn’t let anyone by me and she ended up Bringing me back to them (my mom and aunt). However, the reason for this breed's bad reputation is due to misinformation. There's no such thing as a nanny dog. I have two "pit bulls" type dogs, and they are very very good family dogs.

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