This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It's fair to say that the RTV-X900 is a stayer, not a sprinter. Score. Why did I change? I mow 1.5 acres of regular lawn and 4.5 … Kubota has shoulder bolstering built into the ROPS cage to keep you in the machine, and there is a weird half door to keep your feet in. An optional spray-on bed liner keeps the cargo bed clean and free of dirt and damage. VISIT OUR WEBSITE. UTV tested Barry Ashenhurst reviews the RTV X900 to find out why, of all the utility vehicles in Kubota’s line-up, it is the most popular. 2. Once in the cab, the X900's comfort factor is readily apparent. The new Kubota M7-2 tractor gets a thorough testing by the lads at a farm in Queensland +more. The Kubota RTV 900 has been around since 2006, and is one of Kubota’s bestselling range of vehicles, and an acknowledged leader in the field of utility vehicles. Introducing The RTV-X Series Line-up RTV-X900,RTV-X1100 and RTV-X1120 Meet the all-new Kubota RTV X-Series, three rough-and-ready RTV’s that raise the bar on comfort, convenience, and performance. The all-new Kubota RTV-X900, brings a smoother ride, more comfort, even better drivability and more legroom to Kubota’s extraordinary RTV Series. Kubota reports that its RTV is a durable and powerful vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes and under many different terrain conditions. If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the Kubota RTV 900 diesel now. The second is the Kubota RTV900 Utility Vehicle which measures 3.03 m (119.3 inches) in length and weighs in at 905 kg (1995 lbs). I can’t say anything bad at this point. At the time they had 2yr no interest, so I took advantage of that. 105 miles. While the X900 is perhaps lacking slightly in the speed department compared to the Sidekick, its load handling capabilities are just as good as those of its speedier cousin. Buy and sell new and used construction equipment and machinery at Australia's No. Product Name. Runs great, transmission wont tries to pull but wont..Powered by the world famous Kubota diesel engine, hydra-static transmission, dump bed, 4X4, Factory top, Good tires. Overall I am well pleased. That’s why I wanted to share to you my experiences with the RTV X1140 and help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you. Not sure about the early models, but these are pretty neat. VISIT OUR WEBSITE. First, owning a Kubota RTV is like having $ in the bank. Buy tyres online and save up to 50% off RRP. It is very torquey, and with just two forward gears, plus neutral and reverse, it is also easy to drive, which makes for a versatile all-round package. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. When I first tested it out, I was amazed and couldn’t contain my excitement as I cruised everywhere with it. When descending a hill, you can take your feet off both the brake and gas pedals, and let the engine braking slowly ease the vehicle to the bottom. I also added a phone holder on the dash ( $5 from Walmart). In the time I have had it, the fuel gauge has only moved one bar (approx. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rear View Mirror for Kubota RTV 900 at This machine is a lot different than a lot of the other machines that you'll find out there, and Kubota has made a lot of improvements here for this latest iteration of this machine. This gives the Kubota RTV900 a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 kph). Terrific trade in value. Leave A Review Do you love or hate this tractor? The controls all make sense and have been ergonomically placed so drivers need not bend and turn to reach the knobs and levers. Browse Kubota ATVs. Unlike the sporty new Kubota Sidekick RTV-XG850, which is designed to find a compromise between work and play, the RTV-X900 is a no-frills machine that has one mission – to get the job done. About: Kubota ATVs. About: Kubota ATVs. Unloading the X900 is a breeze. The Kubota RTV900 is one of Kubota’s most popular vehicles. So if you think the Kubota UTV is for you, then get a unit at a good price now. 16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror Fits Kubota RTV 900 . These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. See The Best-Selling Diesel UTVs in North America Since 2004. This limits its towing capabilities, but it has a standard two-inch hitch receiver that still allows it to tow up to 590kg when required. If you're looking for a new UTV to speed down the trails or negotiate the dunes, there are definitely better options out there. Review: Kubota RTV X900 . When filled to capacity, the spray tank weighs 390kg – and the X900 handled the load with ease. Below is the information on the 2015 Kubota RTV-X900 General Purpose. By: Barry Ashenhurst, Photography by: Barry Ashenhurst Date: 28.06.2018. Kubota Rtv ATVs For Sale: 15 ATVs - Find Kubota Rtv ATVs on ATV Trader. As the vehicle is so quick it uses wet disc brakes to slow down and control it’s speed. It isn't hard to see why the X900 UTV remains Kubota's best-selling model. Australia's most comprehensive coverage of what's new in the automotive space. The independent dual A-arms up front and the independent coil-over rear shock down the back soak up rough terrain, and while the UTV won't turn on a dime, it is still agile enough to easily make it through tight bushland. As Kubota’s “Sport” Model, the X1120 comes equipped with the X1100’s powerful engine on the X900’s lightweight frame. The Kubota RTV-X900 was introduced for model year 2014 and was an update to the RTV-900 which had been on the market for a number of years.Key improvements compared to the older model include changes to many physical dimensions and capacities to improve ergonomics and increase towing, tipping capacity and improve off-road comfort and performance. On paper, the Kubota RTV-X900 sure is attractive, but out in the paddocks is where it really shines. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a bike, and read all the latest news and reviews. Powered by Engines with Industry Leading Reliability, Advanced Transmission, Exceptional Response. Whereas the Sidekick can tend to roll a bit too quickly down steep climbs, the RTV-X900 crawls down at a safe pace. Kubota Rtv 900 ATVs For Sale: 6 ATVs - Find Kubota Rtv 900 ATVs on ATV Trader. I also fitted a quick connect to the back of the cab for my sprayer tank with a switch in the cab. To make the Kubota RTV900 go faster, it … These things are not cheap (almost 15k) but it seems well built (I guess you get what you pay for). So, wherever you want to go, whatever the terrain, you can count on the RTV-X900 to get you there. These come with 4×4, locking rear end, shaft drive and hydro transmission. This power is transferred to the wheels via a variable hydro transmission. The Kubota RTV1100 Worksite utility vehicle is a powerful and useful machine to have at your disposal. The Kubota RTV-X900 definitely isn't the most powerful or the flashiest UTV out there, but it is extremely rugged and will get through just about anything. If you are looking for slightly smaller UTVs from Kuboto, then check out the Kubota RTV 900 Utility Vehicle or the Kubota RTV 500 Utility Vehicle.The RTV 1100 has been specifically designed for use on work sites, hence the name! It has a three-cylinder, four-cycle diesel overhead cam engine. REVIEW WRAP-UP. Browse Kubota ATVs. It is often used over very rough or uneven ground and has both a front and rear suspension to cope with this. Ground clearance of 263mm plus 205mm of suspension travel allows the vehicle to glide over bumps and humps in the road rather than deflecting off them. ... 2017 Kubota RTV 900. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I kept the others for 5 years before changing over. The first is the Kubota RTV 900 General Purpose. DeWitt, Iowa 52742. Kubota gear is solid, well engineered, and well made. With proper care, I can see this lasting a long time. You can have your say below by leaving review. There are actually 3 different models within the RTV900 series. ch_width = 120; Tyresales has over 1.000 accredited fitment centres Australia-wide. And as Kubota's best-selling UTV, it seems agricultural workers are reaping the benefits of this hardworking farm vehicle. Kubota RTV-x1100 Review Kubota has been the leader in the diesel utility vehicle space here for nearly ten 10 years, commanding a vast majority of the market. Powered by a 21.6hp, three-cylinder diesel engine, the Kubota RTV-X900 shares many similarities with the brand's tractor range, including performance and durability. There is plenty of space for two people, and taller occupants will surely appreciated the decent legroom. Using the Kubota rough-terrain vehicle out in the field can become a headache when problems arise. Unlike the Sidekick, the X900 does not have a tow hitch at the back. All 3 models have the same width and height (which includes it’s roll cage). The Kubota RTV-X900 is the perfect embodiment of everything the Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer represents. Rank . ch_backfill = 1; Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a caravan or camping equipment. Find out more about your favorite lawnmowers and tractors. 2020 Kubota RTV-X900 General Purpose pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Probably the best thing about the RTV900 is that it has a hydraulic utility valve that powers a massive range of different tools that it can link up to.

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