; future - The zombies have traveled from the future where … This is the gallery for all of Imitater's appearances throughout the Plants vs. Zombies series. Anyway, here is my setup and sorry about the low tech. Here is the list of plants: Sunflower, Potato Mine, Peashooter, Jalapeno Plant, Imitator (Jalapeno Plant), Squash, Spike Weed, and Spike Rock. Definitive Plants vs. Zombies Guide: How to grow more plants faster, kill more zombies deader, get more money quicker! Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. The Cheat have a rating -5 by 9 our users and has been commented 5 times. Keep the exploding nuts in reserve. Use one nut for regular zombies, three for bucket wearing zombies, and two for the others. Use the regular walnuts for the zombies … There comes the idea of using chompers. So, I need something that can kill zombies with more than average toughness and the reload speed need not be very fast. Imitater is a pun of Tater and the word "Imitator". Empower Your Plants with Power Mints in Plants vs. Zombies 2 Get these special plants exclusively from Arena! The freeze shrooms are vital IMO and 90% of the time I use a freeze shroom imitator unless my pumpkins have taken a beating then I use a pumpkin imitator. These special plants give big boosts to plants in their family, and they're only available through Arena. The Imitater is a potato spud mime which can mimic any plant (except itself). Get ready for all-new Power Mints! While we're all waiting for the Plants vs. Zombies 2 to show up in the iPhone and iPad App Store, the original version is still providing tons of fun, not to mention frenetic plant on zombie action! Once you have started a level, you can use your keyboard to enter the following cheats. I haven't taken a screen shot. Plants vs. Zombies 2: Project ECLISE (yes, without a "P") is a mod of the original (vanilla) Plants vs. Zombies 2 made by goodpea2 and Mine Power, which mainly features the balancing of plants via the new plant tiering system!Along with brand new challenging and unique levels, the mod aims for a redesigned version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 that requires you to think before planting! Try not to use them unless a mob crosses the line or there are not enough nuts or room to kill a difficult zombie. Plants vs. Zombies Endless: Best Survival Strategies. These will change the appearance of the zombies or the lawnmowers: pinata - The zombies will explode in a shower of candy when they are destroyed. Enter a code. It can be used to effectively cut the recharge time of plants in half, although it takes up a seed slot. ; mustache - Zombies will stop shaving and sport a fancy mustache. It can imitate the power of any plant and its Plant Food ability depends on the imitated plant. This cheat for Plants vs. Zombies [PC] has been posted at 21 May 2010 by SpookybutGroovy and is called "How to find the imitator on suburban almanac". -Normal Night (Imitator can severely speed up the level)-Normal Fog (Imitator can severely speed up the level)-Normal Roof (Imitator is needed due to the difficulty of the level) 5. Continue planting the whole second lane with Sunflowers little by little. My selected plants are these: Chompers, Jalapeno, Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Frost Shroom, Flower Pot, Magnet, Coffee Bean, Pumpkin and Pumpkin Imitator.

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