Dr. Jason Brooks, PHD

Dr. Jason Brooks, PhD

Performance Coach, Educator, Consultant 


I work closely with individuals and groups to help them identify how to perform at their best. I have done extensive coaching and consulting with physicians and understand the performance challenges of the profession - and how to help deal with them effectively. I incorporate lessons from research in the areas of peak human performance, professional learning, mindfulness and stress management, leadership development, performance in high-pressure environments, attention and focus training, and reflective practice.


Through collaborations with top performers in the field of medicine and other high-pressure vocations (e.g. tactical police services, elite athletes, and business executives) I have gained valuable insight on how to help physicians become better at what they do. Specifically, I share lessons and strategies on how to maintain consistent and sustainable levels of high performance and to become more efficient at dealing with the inherent challenges within the demanding professional settings.


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