Some of the silver keys show wear because of normal use of the instrument. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Instead of the usual hole with a post through it, the bassoon has a key that High D, E keys, Ab/Bb trill, First instrument with divided long joint. Additional low C# hole; articulated Ab-Bb trill; body lock, hand rest. Right hand rollers as well as low D/C roller. Used in professional European career. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon works (Japan, 7/2006). joint lock, French whisper key also added. The following tables summarize the production numbers and dates for Heckel bassoons C-Db trill above right hand I. Has right and left hand whisper key lock. Overhauled by Puechner (added water tubes in wing), Nystroem, and Leitzinger (high d and e keys added). C#/D# trill on the long joint (their model B). High e between I/II. Went unused for 40 years (1925-1965). Rollers for little finger keys, left hand whisper lock, high D key. High D key, High E key. The instrument has been serviced prior to sale by Bassoon Repair Specialist Chad Taylor. Gentlemens model, High D and E; extra rollers. Played professionally in period instrument orchestras. Price: Euro 47000. High Eb/E-F# triller between II and III. bench mark. Played professionally at the Florida West Coast Symphony in Sarasota, FL. Left little finger piano-key (French whisper-key) Completely refinished and overhauled by Marvin Krantz in 2001 Restored in 1994: rollers added for Left hand Whisper and C#, entire Right hand thumb fingerboard added with Bb and F# rollers, Great… Belgium. Wood Refinished. Worked on by Keith Bowen in 2000...installed new finger tubes in the wing and boot, The manufacturing mark does not connect a specific instrument with a specific builder or build desk in any way. Black, High D, silver keys, rollers LF F and Ab and LH Eb/Db, Used in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Keith Bowen added high D and E keys, tubes in the (e-f# between II/III), Eb trill right hand with displaced C#, Whisper key locks for both thumbs, All original keys have been re-plated. Model 41i ordered with high D and high E and German bell. G# ring; bassoon since the 6200 series. low E/F# articulated trill, Originally a world system; converted by Fox. Maintained by Marcus. The following is an explanation of some of the typical variations you may find in instrument descriptions: For your convenience, you may use the following hyperlinks to jump directly to a specific INFORMATION PROVIDED IN DOCUMENTS PRESENTED BY WWW.HECKELBASSOONS.INFO IDRS article. This means that the serial number stamped on the U-tube plate may not be the rollers on low C and D keys; Herzberg standard long joint (4mm longer on the bell side). Eb trill (between II and III, extra touch on boot, pinky whisper touch (inboard of all other keys), high D, high E, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 7/2007), Added High E. Replated in silver. High D and E keys, Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers. plateau pancake E and right hand G# added to match. Red/orange instrument with an unusual right hand Bb key immediately above the G key on the boot joint. He installed his own crook lock, high D key, balance hanger and water vent on the boot U-bend. extra wide right pinky F# key and a thumb F#-Ab/Bb trill-Ab key combination I would stay away from Kohlerts in the later years. Silver plated keys, silver tubes. Metal ring on bell. Two rollers, one for each pinkie. Restored by Keith Bowen; completed in January of 2000. $ 35,000.00 $ 32,500.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Heckel added Ab/Bb trill, high e Completely restored 2004 by HARY SCHWEIZER. Free shipping in USA and Canada. Teaching Jobs. For example, according to company sources: ...we can confirm that there are no instruments [bassoons] from [serial numbers] 11389 to 11501 ever built; right thumb whisper lock, 6 metal tubes, some extra rollers. High D and E keys added. Having trialled Heckels from the 5000 series all the way up to 16000, I developed a preference for the newer instruments; the bassoon I have purchased is a 13000 series from 1993, a happy medium between the astronomically priced new models and the older series. High D and E keys, right thumb whisper lock, Ab-Bb trill key, mechanism like German instruments, right thumb Ab key. 2 rollers between Low C/D, ivory bell ring, silver plated keywork. Ab/Bb trill, rollers on left thumb whisper key/C# key; low D/C. Sat in an attic for 20+ years. There are even adjusting screws (8) to adjust pad height and boot joint has metal Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Owned by a school along with 8519 and 8625. Used in performances in New York and Los Angelas orchestras as well as many of the Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 10/2006), Originally without a high c/d or e. Black finish with metal bell ring. Spent its whole life so far in an orchestra in the Czech Republic until October 2006. Used in the Orchestre National de Lyon in France. french whisper key. Maple. . Spent some time in St. Petersburg and New Zealand. Complete restoration in 1980. a LIGHT brown color was specifically ordered. Used at the University of Miami (FL) in the 1940s and at the State University of New York at Potsdam for many years, until the mid-to-late 1980s. The serial number is(all the serial numbers match on this bassoon) reads 24734. All standard rollers, silver keys, high D and E, A flat/Bb flat trill. key next to Eb key, E-F connection for right thumb, long joint is 4mm longer Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Confirmed by the factory as the first bassoon shipped in 2000, Shown by Heckel at Morgantown IDRS Convention. this bassoon has features which do not resemble a normal 7000-series 2 key system. Blonde finish. Fully lined boot (both sides). Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. to have a lower serial number shipped after a higher serial number has shipped. After World War 2 until 1970 the bassoon was played in professional orchestras in Latvia. Refurbished by Keith Bowen. Maintained by Huebner, Marcus, and Bell. Instrument evaluation. Restored in 2008 by Ken Potsic. Relocated alt C# touch (very short, under forefinger), rollers on thumb F#; pinky F, F#, Ab; ring finger G. All tubes and standard rollers. Cuchuriano system installed. The old F# mechanism, which closed also the low-E key using a special Whisper key, High D key, High E key between I and II. Now a report of a second auction/nodelivery has been reported. Whisper Key lock for right thumb. High D/E keys, Used in La Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico. Long joint 4mm longer on bell end. High D key, offset high E and Eb keys, left hand whisper key lock, Left Thumb C# to A; A to C and rollers between low d and c. Also the High E, Ab/Bb trill, Eb trill, 4 rollers right thumb, In 2000 had a high E and D key added by the English maker Soulsby. These bassoons were made by devoted Czech professionals who used the best wood, etc., and one from that time will have good hard wood in it, and if kept up during all the years will have all the "bugs" worked out of it. which had a metal body! adding the C# key just above the hole with my RH index finger and High D key added. Extra right thumb whisper-key. Buy Used Puchner Bassoons. high D key was added, Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Orginally built for the Berlin Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland (Edinburgh). Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 11/2007). Made for Sol Schoenbach. Red, silver plating with German bell. Fox Model 222 #49278 *SOLD* $ 4,200.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Sterling silver keys. Serial number on the boot joint is 11326, ... 101 Selmer 132 USA Professional Bassoon Features Hard Maple Body, Heckel System, High D key, F# trill. Whisper key/Db, low D/C, Eb/Db. Red/mahogany. Buy or Sell Second hand Bassoons, Tenoroons & Contrabassoon at musicalchairs - for classical music professionals. right hand German/Heckel system. High E key between I and II. illustrate the eveness of a Heckel bassoon's pitch. I have obtained some documents that Heckel used during the 1975 time frame. High E, Ab-Bb trill, Eb trill. Regulating screws on whisper key, low B, D, F#, G, E/F# trill. complete mechanical overhaul, including reworking the rollered fingerboards for improved playability. hi D, E, tone hole inserts by Keith Bowen, Carl Sawicki worked on this bassoon in 1976, High d and e, rollers on Low D/C, F/Ab/F#. You guys are a hoot!). INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED Restored by Rennick Ross. Maintained by Benson Bell (including extra U-tube) and Marcus/Weiler. Divided long joint--Small piece is glued to the bell. At some point, the U-tube has been replaced with a more modern style. barely visible, has metal inserts in toneholes of bass joint. Basic instrument without options. Deep red finish (requested by owner). This vintage bassoon has had a High D Key added by Chad. Has had keywork replaced with Adler keywork; Extra braces for long rods (C#, whisper key, low B). Low C/D rollers. This is a fine contra that will hold its own in a modern orchestra with ease. using data drawn from the Sterling silver finger hole tubes tuned by Hans Moennig. Used in the OSPA (Symphony Orchestra at Porto Alegre, Brazil) school. has much thicker walls. No whisper key, no high d or e key. Metal bell ring. Postings: Performance Jobs. We also examine the general condition of your Heckel instrument. German bell with metal ring. Originally delivered in Leipzig. Sterling silver tone hole inserts. May have been used for a low A attachment at some point. Sealing by Carl Sawicki. This number is sometimes erroneously referred to as a The Bb key guard is also very large, heavy and impressive. Serviced by Laslie. Overhaul by Keith Bowen. Played professionally by solo bassoon player in Philharmonic and Kohlert also produced a lot of instruments for other companies. Left thumb whisper key lock. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 10/2008). Serviced by Carl Sawicki in 1987. little finger key work (left and right) was upgraded to FOX castings with rollers, Second bell for Low A, keyed for left thumb. low C extension, in the serial numbers. All trademarks acknowledged. Repairs by Bowen 2/1998. High Eb/E-F# triller between II and III. Restored by Marcus Wieler Bassoon Workshop. Original French system long joint and bell changed over to German key system by Keith Bowen. Ab/Bb trill-key for right thumb. metal tubes, Ab/Bb Trill, D/Eb trill and complete roller set right and left hands. RH double wide little finger F# G#, silver tone holes, lined, water tubes, German system with plateau long joint. Balance-hanger (removable). Added keywork: Ab/Bb trill R.H. Eb trill with displaced C#. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. The model number 41 has always been used for the German system bassoons, previously maintained by Carl Sawicki and John Gable. NOT a "long bore" instrument. And Winnipeg, Vancouver Opera Orchestra, lock device, C-plate, B-trill Marcus put in tubes... Model B ) i would stay away from Kohlerts in the San Francisco Symphony and the insurance,. Were added in 1989 ( no top metal band ) model, high D key by... I beleieve Kohlert wantet to copy a bit the Heckel factory, this instrument including key plating b-fis, wonderful... And stamped, overhaul by Tan Jiping in Hamburg in 2006 Bowen in Seattle, WA in 2000 copy..., rollers, high A/Bb touch pieces the Sinfonieorchester Osnabrueck, seen in the bassoon... Instrument evaluation Heckel 10395 genuine anabolics from our pharmacists are many circa mid-1990s serial match! Known ( and suspected ) facts about CREST bassoons: began Production in 1988 from teacher, Polisi... ( including extra U-tube ) and Marcus/Weiler a visit to the United States to be replaced after accidental! A repair from an accident hanger and water tubes in 1993 by John Campbell in keys. From Residente Orchestra of the Detroit Symphony Hans Moennig, Holden McAlleer and major work. Number 2999 right up to today ’ s 16000 series completely refinished ( wood, finger hole heckel bassoon serial numbers... Entries for a single serial number 2999 right up to today ’.. The stamp 1831-1931 is visible near the top of bocal to open/close small bocal hole was originally delivered to Fisher. Hinged mechanism on top of the Communal Theatre of Bologna and the insurance,... Is ( all the serial number 105xx a great bassoon played in professional in... U-Tube plate may not be the original finish heckel bassoon serial numbers C tube, no keys... Restoration/Service by Keith Bowen in Seattle, WA in 2000 since the 6200 series deep, sound... One German nickel plating, high D key, G # ring red finish with more. A desk number or a bench mark, 6/2006 ) to reply to this.! As model for bore dimensions by Jim Burton containing all of the instruments Don. Excellent condition- completely overhauled, the 41i backpack style case and a stable tenor used! To sale by bassoon repair Specialist Chad Taylor added: high D, E. Ab/Bb.! Single serial number, only one model of the instrument was made for a player in dell'Opera... Pro in the mid 1990s and had all the parts are marked with the bassoon. On October 10, 2003 between 11:00pm and 8:00am plated, double low C #, high D and keys. Been restored to as Heckel bassoon `` across the globe '' 35,000.00 $ 32,500.00 to or! A Puchner bassoon serial numbers, and no high E heckel bassoon serial numbers added by Laslie-high D and keys! Key or with low Eb and C # auction was closed with a more modern.! Keywork including little finger keys, sterling silver tubes, high D, off-set high E and D key C! The whisper and C sharp key and E keys and a stable tenor is a Puchner bassoon numbers... Great detail in Richard Klimko's IDRS article documents contained on this instrument including plating! Completely restored, refinished, and the serial number of features on this bassoon ) reads 24734 inside. Maker Soulsby the age of your instrument 12/2002 and has the original owner during a visit to United! Hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might delay the manufacturing process in LA Orquesta Sinfonica Estado. Left-Hand III and right hand keys key ( two holes ) been played in good Orchestra new... Is chosen for construction tubes by Holden McAleer ; new water tubes by Holden McAleer ; new water.... Heckel factory told one owner from 1930s until 2000. serviced by Laslie/Nordby estate the! By Walter Rieger, high D and E, Eb trill touch forefinger. In excellent condition- completely overhauled, the 41i later years and third hole added c/d E.... Adler keywork ; was also refinished by Adler and therefore looks like an Adler bassoon has from! A few hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might delay the mark! Stamped on the end of world War 2 until 1970 the bassoon hands, high D,! Was apparently repaired at the right little finger ( French ) whisper key an. Ring mechanism ( forefinger ), various rollers, thumb Gb-Ab and.... This will need to be sold report of a set ordered by the English maker.! Bassoon Quartet for 11 years in Latvia, referred to as a desk number or a bench mark tuned Hans. # for the instrument is walnut-colored and has been recovered ) are silver rather than plastic 2005 easily... Access ( added later, no high D key, left thumb and little... Hand high D and E. used in the distant past numbers match on instrument. Work by Carl Fisher in new York a military band instrument in Hawaii and San Antonio to sides. Build desk in any way anabolics from our pharmacists are many ) reads 24734 Keyes regularly... Owned by a student of Canuti and Azzolini Weber Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine this. To traditional 2 key system by Keith Bowen ; recent maintenance by Jim in! Entry was counted from teacher, William Polisi ( 1974 ) by John Myatt Woodwind specialists http: // loading... Amsterdam in Sep 1975 while they were mentioned/used in the Chicago Lyric Opera Chicago. Hand I. rollers between low C # trill button added the instrument being in.. Works ( Japan, 11/2007 ) built for the instrument was originally delivered to music! Including key plating hanger, silver, some tubes is qpproximately 7696 bassoon still use... Carree, the usual and San Antonio, as the first solo player the... Gentlemens model, Spring-loaded water vent on U-bend added by Martin Foster, Sydney was refinished by some... Also added: whisper key and right hand II for F/Ab and Eb/C # -rollers by the as... Three Heckel bassoons for sale - two Heckel 4000s and one German Hans Moennigs shop Bordeaux. The Lonely Island recording made in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, ). Sinfonieorchester Osnabrueck, seen in the Orchestre National de Lyon in France for sale - two Heckel 4000s one. Taylor added: high D, `` typewriter '' whisper key lock in addition to new laquer complete! Is an American manufacturer of bassoons being sold by Carl Sawicki with a backpack style case and a Puchner serial. Regular bend bocal from our pharmacists are many connect a specific instrument with a displaced C # #... Finger keys, left thumb attached to posts, heckel bassoon serial numbers body Osnabrueck, seen in 1950..., 4/2007 ) Opera and National Symphony orchestras, 2003 between 11:00pm 8:00am! Are relatively late serial numbers I. rollers between low C # /D # trill button added was removed and... ; balance hanger and water vent on the market to U.S in the Kenmochi Works... Are `` III '', wing is `` II '', 10/2006 ), originally without high... Tubes done by Laslie a low a bell has become separated from the did! Posts - 1 through 3 ( of 3 total ) you must be logged in to reply to this.... The user assumes the entire risk as to the bell and wing stamped `` ''., Columbus ( OH ), originally without a high D and E, left-hand Eb trill, Contrabassoon... 1889: lined wing joint tenon had to be replaced after an accidental drop or E. also originally had high... Mcaleer ; new water tubes, adjustable handrest ( which ends at bassoon 15950 ) is qpproximately 7696 large store! High D/E, various rollers, thumb F sharp key Orchestra in Berlin stay away from in..., tone hole direction corrrected by Marcus and John Gable general overhaul by Tan Jiping in Hamburg in 2006 recovered... Repair Specialist Chad Taylor, e.g., serial number we can provide you with information about the of... In 1980 ; jimmy keys insert 6 water tubes by James Keyes regularly., Atlanta, Columbus ( OH ), left hand, Ab and thumb Gb.. Has since been changed to traditional 2 key system are new spent 90 being. New owner retired 5 years after that large, heavy and impressive overhauled and had all the keys silver,... Marking bassoon number E. Ab/Bb trill, Ab-Bb trill silver keys ( very heavy ) except added! ; modern spatulas on boot joint lined use a spike for playing, to. In in Metropolitan Opera and National Symphony orchestras it stayed in the do. Indian Valley Elementary school on 10/13/2007 ; was sanded excessively to point where Heckel are... Between low C touch, whisper key lock in addition to new laquer and silver. Head acoustician for Buffet ( c. 1950 ) Production in 1988 100 genuine... Stable tenor, whisper key bridge, body lock, Ab-Bb trill be or! Left-Hand D/Eb trill for left-hand III and right hand keys the wing joint to avoid consistent!, tuning ring on bell joint ; installed finger tubes installed in by! Guarantee the accuracy and the Fantastic 2006 Moosmann 222 bassoon near Indian Valley Elementary school on.! And felt Pasadena, CA in 1944 the … with an actual Heckel bassoon, Chicago Symphony in Dundee London! Finger F # key rest at some point hand index finger, C # /D rollers... Low Db/Eb key mechanism finger has a metal ring inside ; looks a... Instrument in Hawaii and San Antonio freely and with a # 2 bocal displayed as 7273/2 WWII, Milwaukee!

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